Monday, February 24, 2014

Midir's Stock Market Challenge: Day 14

Results For Today

Trades: 3
Total Contracts: 3
Winners: 3
Scratch: 0
Losers: 0
Profit: $132.48 after commission
Gross: $150

Taking It Easy

I've been taking it easy since my platform crashed costing me a nasty loss. While I already recovered, I've still been feeling a bit off edge. I decided to trade singles till I get back to my comfort level. It was a very easy trend day today, very bad day for anyone who tried to counter trend trade. I marked a short, but I did not take it. It would have worked out, but it was such a strong trend.

Trade 1: Entry off the EMA on open with paper buyers on pit audio.
Trade 2:  Two legged pull back to EMA with a second entry long.  This was a little bit more risky then trade one as you were pretty close to the highs of Friday.
Trade 3: Second entry long after the trend broke with the EMA.  I figured at least we would make a new high before reversing.  Turns out we kept going.

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