Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Midir's Stock Market Challenge: Day 9

Results For Today

Trades: 2
Total Contracts: 4
Winners: 2
Runners:16 Ticks Over 2 Runners
Scratch: 0
Losers: 0
Profit: $276.64 after commission
Gross: $300

Difficult Day

Today was a very difficult trading day, and you really had to work to earn your money. I had no valid channels drawn until 1030, well not any that you could trade. I took the two trades as second entries short with a untested trend-line that was pretty hard to see. I used Pit Audio for extra confirmation on my trades. Both work out. Going to keep this post short, because it was very choppy today.  I really should have sat on my hands.

Trade 1: I drew the trend line off the lows, I dragged it to the top and prices stopped right there.  I took the second entry short, and had confirmation on pit audio

Trade 2: This trade worked ideally.  I took the 2nd entry short, and sold my runner at my target!

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